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New Zealand Wedding & Commercial Photographer

Thanks for stopping by to check out Jay Drew Photography here in this little corner of the internet.  As an NZIPP accredited photographer I love the joy of a wedding, the diversity of people, and bringing creativity to a commercial photography occasion.  

The internet is a big place so thanks for dropping by!

We all see differently. How wonderful!

What I Do

A Wedding Day

I have a wedding gallery but you might like to see an example of one wedding.  This lovely couple have kindly allowed me to share their day here. 120 images are shown - their total set was about 650 images.

Kind Words

"You not only offered your creative skills to the project, but you also seamlessly created a warm and safe environment for the women who were photographed when they were at their most vulnerable. You held the space you shared with them so selflessly and from a place, I know, deep within your heart. Thank you.”

(Emily @ ‘Dear Boobs’)

Look Forward To Having a Chat

If you have an occasion for photography I’d love to hear about it.  There are heaps of ways to connect these days so reach out in whatever way you wish.

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