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Check this page out for an overview of what I capture on a wedding day or click the buttons below to view a single wedding with coverage from full day to just a few hours.    

A groom buttons up his shirt and two groomsmen are in the background also getting dressed
a bride stands on a rock and below her is a rocky river, and the image is black and white
back of brides dress and it has leaf like pieces of material hanging off cream wedding dress
a large round hat takes up most of the space in the picture with just a little bit of the woman's face visible below the hat
mature bride wears a sparkly blue dress in front of blue sea and sky in Papamoa
a bride ties up her wedding shoes but just her knees down are visible
A young boy at a wedding walks beside an older man with a walker, a black and white image and seen from behind the pair.
Ooh the bride says as she pushed up her bush so the bridesmaids can zip her up
such joy on the face of a bride as she walks down a grassy hill with her new husband
The kiss!  Bride and groom kiss at a beach wedding on Mount Maunganui beach
Wedding guests sit below trees at Black Walnut Venue in Tauranga
Bridal bouquet is the subject with the couples hands just visible on the right hand edge of photo
A lace wedding dress hangs in the doorway at Trinity Wharf Hotel, with the sea reflected in the window beside
a flash lit portrait of a mature bride in a hotel hallway
Groom on left and bride on right are facing away with bodies but looking back to photographer in a park
the ring picture for this bridal couple so just the hands of the man and woman.
A mature bride and groom walk down the aisle with petal confetti in the air
Groom gives bride a kiss on the cheek in this black and white image taken outside and a bird is seen in the sky
A groom pulls a silly face for the photo while the bride looks at him and laughs
the top half of the image is all chandelier and below a bride is out of focus on the stairs below, black and white photo
Bridal bouquet with daisy and roses in dappled light
Shoes and a hat sit on a table in the sun
with bodies facing away, but faces turned to the camera this new couple are captured with a natural backdrop at Te Puna Quarry Park
A young bride looks out an old window, there is a little light spilling on to her face and bouquet
Mother of the groom holds the ring box which has 'Mr & Mrs' on the lid
A bride leads her groom through the gardens at Te Papa Tauranga | The Elms
young boy holds sign saying 'love is all you need'
a child does a handstand at ataahua gardens venue
A hongi between the groom and groomsman at outdoor wedding at Tauranga yacht club
Clink!  Champagne glasses touch and are the focus with the wedding party smiling in soft focus in background
humorous expression on grooms face as he lifts his head to try to get his tie off
two photos in one, with both the bride and groom holding up their dress and jacket and hiding their faces
Bride arrives in Buick to Te Puna Quarry Park for her outdoor wedding and image is in black and white
Brides face is full of determination as she tries to push on the ring on the finger of her husband to be at their wedding ceremony
Three members of wedding party are all looking one way and all have their mouths pursed in a strange way as if thinking about something
Brides veil is in strong sunlight and dominates the image with the bride and groom darker and walking away from view
older couple smile up at a cell phone as they take a selfie on their wedding day
Groomsman holds the ring box in his hand.  it is made from a gnarly bit of bark.
Mature bride and groom do their first dance

Kind words...

"Wow, what an amazing amazing day we had ....And you have a lot to do with that!  Thank you SO much ...  It was so nice to have someone so relaxed, funny and incredible at their job!  We LOVE the photos. Wow. I can’t believe how they turned out, it’s more than we could have ever imagined.  ..." (Liv & John)

""Oh Jay, these are just beautiful thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We all think you are fantastic and are so glad it worked out for you to be able to capture our day.” (Tara & Brook)

"Hi Jay ! Wow!! We love the photos ! So much energy and love captured, thank you so much ! We will go through them again at the weekend and choose some for printing - if we can ! 😀 .. we would be honoured and more than happy for you to use some images for your website ! Thank you again for being a part of our day - was so much fun, we loved having you there." (Claire & Nick)