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A yellow fish tail hangs in front of a concrete wall with dark shadowing giving it a moody vibe
Gynastic arm bands are worn by girls with one in front more prominent than the two behind
Newly renovated kitchen is shown front on with the edge of dining table visible in front of image
Simple minimal image of red vegetable on black plate on black background in strong side lighting
a lady is picking up her cutlery and napkin in a restaurant and her table has food and wine on it
A hand with blue nail polish is holding four modern wallets on a plain white background
the naked chest of a woman with Maori tattoos is hidden by her crossed arms which are also heavily tattooed
a grey tiled bathroom with just the edge of towel rail showing
Cooked camembert with figs with some flat bread on the side and you are looking down at this dish and it is on a brass table
Tapatio sauce is shown as a flatlay with supporting elements such as nacho chips, coriander and garlic bulbs
Two men are moving across a warehouse and are blurred to show motion.  they are carrying a large piece of metal.
a blurred figure on stilts walks across the floor and the background shows a house that is framed up in the process of building
An aqua blue office chair sits in front of a felt wall divider in a large office space
A stylish black wooden sideboard sits in sunlight and on top is a vase of dried flowers
A dog looks up at a person but you can only see the persons feet.  The concrete is full of graffiti
A happy man is seen through a large hole in a big coil of industrial metal in a warehouse
an office is seen from beside a green pot plant, with an apple computer in the foreground
Looking down on a curvaous coffee table
sharp edged seat in black wood and grey cushion is shown in strong sun so gives dark shadow
model is wearing a black flowing dress and an overcoat is held behind her and all on a plain background
Zucchini ribbons surround a big piece of soft cheese and both on a white plate with green border and all sit on a red table
a man relaxes on a black bean bag with a cup of tea in his hands and looks out the sunny window

Kind words...

" ... We went with you because of your enthusiasm for the project ... was a pleasure working with you ... everyone on site said they really enjoyed the photo experience ..." (Matt)

"You not only offered your creative skills to the project, but you also seamlessly created a warm and safe environment for the women who were photographed when they were at their most vulnerable. You held the space you shared with them so selflessly and from a place, I know, deep within your heart. Thank you.” (Emily)