Authenticity is something I strive for in my portrait work. I want the person/people in the photo to be able to look at the image and recognise their expressions and interactions as being authentic to who they are. The image might be in the form of a relaxed outdoor family portrait, or it could be a carefully constructed composite image delivering storytelling in a unique way. However the person is represented in the image I want the expression of the person to really be ’them’ - the real them, not the fake smile them. Images I am drawn to often have humour in them, natural expression, sometimes activity;  when I click the shutter it’s these things I am responding to and trying to capture.

"These are AMAZING! As usual! I love every single one of them, thank you so much :) You are so fun to work with - you always make everyone feel at ease having a camera pointed at them."

(Cheniel & Michael)

"The photo’s are amazing …. Thanks again for the great fun shoot."

(Karmyn & Dean)